I am honored to be sponsored by or in partnership with some amazing companies. Check them out below!

This is the best compression gear on the market! It makes a huge difference in how I train and recover!


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Fit's Lean and Stackable volume sets are soooo sweet! And the texture is perfect! I recommend the dual-texture.

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I only use Tembo chalk. It stays on my hands and gives me crazy contact with every hold type!



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This whole Evolution line is unbelievable! I love the way they look, and they are so nice to set with and climb on.  If you need gorgeous holds in your gym, order this line! 

I'm so psyched to have worked with Hold Emporium to design the Mönster Board. I believe it is one of the best hangboards on the market. The Mönster Board now comes in full size or mini.  I also have several hold lines that I shaped coming out this year! 

I more or less live in jeans and t-shirts... And my favourite t-shirts are made by Crimpin. Soft, durable, and the fit is amazing. That's why I partnered with the company to manufacture a line of apparel designed by me - for you! New designs coming soon!