I consider my family the most significant accomplishment of my life. I've been married to Blaise, the woman of my dreams, for 27 years. And we have two brilliant and kind daughters, Indiana and Dakota, and a fluffy, homicidal cat named Hobbes. These women are my priority - more than anything else by a billion miles. (And I also like the cat).

Vocationally, I am an educator and a coach. Working with athletes and helping young people discover their potential in the world is something that I am very connected to. I pour much of my time into studying pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, neurology, and a bunch of other ologies, mostly because I love to learn, which also allows me to be a better coach. But at the end of the day, just creating a safe environment for kids to laugh and try cool climbing moves is my goal.

The old days back at Hub Climbing, with future legends.

Hobbies include: BJJ, chess, pool (9 ball), magic, sewing, writing, photography, and surfing the internet for Teslas and real estate I can't afford.

Professor Lin. A mentor and a friend (also a BJJ master & architect)

My approach to coaching pedagogy is rooted in these three bedrocks:

Try hard. I cultivate this because life is hard, and it's tough out there in the real world. Things that matter to you are worth fighting for, and try hard is a skill and a discipline that will see you through tough times. This discipline, which is rooted in toughness and resiliency, goes beyond getting past climbing cruxes - it will help you in relationships, business, and overcoming obstacles in every area of life.

Better Together. Relationships are the reason we have survived and thrived on this planet. We are stronger, more powerful, and more able to do great things when we are meaningfully connected to one another. I cultivate teamwork, encouragement and togetherness in life and in climbing.

Enjoy the moment. I believe that choosing joy and positivity are super powers. And I know for a fact that they can be learned and mastered. Part of this practice is learning to be thankful for all the craziness that happens in our lives, and to enjoy the moment we are in, when we are in it. Tomorrow is not promised to anybody. But this moment is.

Beyond these three things, I believe in technical excellence and ecological dynamics. I believe that creativity in problem solving is the essential path through obstacles. And I believe that love and kindness are more important than accolades.

Lastly, I have been climbing for nearly 30 years. I have been coaching and working with performance athletes for the past 15 years. My eldest, Indiana, is an IFSC Pro climber. Together we get to travel the world and invest in the incredible journey of professional competition climbing.