Coaching Services

I am fortunate to work with pro climbers, youth teams, and developing athletes all over the world! Click on any of the headings below to read more about what services are available.

Training Camps & Day Clinics

Training Camps can vary in length, from full 1-week or 2-week camps, to 1 or 2-day weekend camps. Here are some options for camps & clinics:

  • Performance Climbing for High Level Competition

For competitive athletes / teams that are looking for the latest in performance theory and practice, essential skills and adaptations for the complex competition environment, mindset and comp psychology, and a workshop approach to preparing for bouldering or lead competition.

  • Introduction to Competition Climbing

For development or recreational youth teams that are looking for a comprehensive introduction to climbing competition, including rules, concepts, essential skills, mock-competition training, climbing and strength assessments, and pathways for further development.

  • Adult Climbing & Strength Development

For groups looking to take their climbing and fitness to the next level. These typically take place on a weeknight over the course of 4-weeks, and they focus on skill and and strength development for getting climbers over that plateau.

  • Day or Weekend Clinics

For teams or groups looking to improve in any area of climbing: skill development, competition prep, comp psychology, strength & fitness, etc. Clinics can very in length, from a full 2-day weekend, or a full 6 - 8 hour day, typically comprised of a double session (2-3 hours in the morning, and 2-3 hours in the afternoon), to a single two or three hour session.

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Athlete & Coach Consulting

For athletes, coaches, clubs or parents who are looking for guidance on any of the following topics:

  • Structuring a Training Block.
  • Goal Setting & Pathways for Success.
  • Coach Development for Competitive Teams.
  • Pedagogy & Ecological Dynamics for Performance Coaching.
  • Balancing a Competition/Training Schedule.
  • Best/Safe Practices for Healthy Development in Youth Climbers.
  • Competition Psychology & Strategies for Success.
  • Team Building.
  • General Training and Q&A.

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Private or Small Group Sessions

For single athletes or small groups (2 - 4), looking for private instruction in any of the following areas:

  • Competition Skill Development.
  • Comp Preparation.
  • Effective Strength Training Practices.
  • Sport-Specific Conditioning & Fitness.
  • Technical Climbing Workshop for Bouldering or Lead Climbing.
  • Comp Psychology & Strategies for Success.
  • Athlete assessment.

Privates can be held at Boulder Parc, in Toronto (my home gym), or at another gym, depending on availability and my location at that time.

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Remote Coaching

For individuals looking for a climbing / training coach, to help achieve that next level in climbing and fitness. Whether you are a professional or a recreational climber, remote coaching provides full time access to me, per month, and includes the following:

  • An initial climbing and fitness assessment.
  • A weekly training plan and ongoing modifications.
  • Weekly calls/video calls.
  • Ongoing texts.
  • Video review & technical consulting.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Competition preparation and tapering (if applicable).

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Athlete Assessment

For competition or recreational athletes who want a detailed assessment of where they are at with skills, strength and climbing technique. During your private in-person session, we will talk about your goals for the season, review your training, and assess your climbing, to provide a clear sense of how you can best proceed to accomplish your goals!

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Setting Clinics for Coaches

For coaches & clubs looking to develop setting techniques and strategies for their club coaches. In order to maximize skill development for their athletes, coaches MUST be adept route setters. Having the ability and knowhow to set and adjust boulders for movement development, essential skills, Ecological Dynamics training, and varying skill levels within a group - is a major factor in youth climbing progress.

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The Industry “A few months ago, I had the privilege of shadowing Coach Chapman for a week, at Boulder Parc in Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of learning I gained during the nine hours I spent with him. His approach to teaching is truly transformative. Allow me